Why Join the PTA?

Our Vision

The vision of the PCP PTA is to provide an effective resource for Prairie Children Preschool parents and teachers in order to support the goals we share in educating our children.

Become A PTA Member

Events Are Free

The Preschool PTA Sponsors four events throughout the school year:

With Family Membership, enrolled preschool students, their siblings and two adults enter for free  to our sponsored events. 

Look at Our Upcoming Events.

No commitment or expectations required

Help out as much or as little as you want. You’re simply showing your support for our great school, students, parents and staff. 

The PTA supports the school by getting books, folders and play sand.

How Does the PTA Support the School?

Share Your Talents

Put your skills and hobbies to use by volunteering. Help decorate for events or help build connections for event fundraisers .

Get connected and know what’s happening at your school.

Connect with us and we will keep you up-to-date on school events via newsletters and social media.